There are rules everyone needs to follow (not to be mean to to help)

1.NO vandelisem. It will cause you a 1 year block then 2 years and so on

2.Be kind to other users.

3.Dont create a page without admin permission

4.If your admin don't add misleading tags have to show good behavour and editing before you can be admin.If you want to skip all that then get MR puppet master unblocked and you get instant promotion from him instantly!!

Chat rules

  1. Don't make fun of autism or anything like that
  2. Dont be to sexual with comments like: my dick will go in your pussy and it will cum alot,
  3. Dont swear to much and add stars.
  4. NO links to porn or scary pics without warring
  5. No trolling
  6. No making fun of people